Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook is called the social media giant for a reason. The site attracts nearly three billion users every month. Facebook Ads are an excellent method to reach a wide audience and build a recognizable brand, provided that campaigns are conducted in an effective and professional manner. Find out why you should invest in Facebook Ads and what marketing goals you will achieve with them!

Facebook Ads

The place where you are most likely to come across Fb Ads is the Facebook homepage. It is there among your friends’ posts that you will find promotional material. However, this is not the only place to post ads on Facebook. For quite some time now, users have also been able to post testimonials, that is, photos or videos for one-time viewing, located at the top of the page. You may also come across sponsored content there. Facebook Ads can also display between chats on Messenger.

Facebook ad types

When deciding to create a Facebook Ads campaign, you have several ad formats to choose from. Their choice depends primarily on the goal you want to achieve.

Image + page link

This is the simplest, yet most popular type of Facebook ad. Here you can place an attractive graphic informing about the current promotion or a high-quality photo of the product and add a link to the page to which you want the created Facebook ad to direct.

Fb Ads in video form

Video allows you to convey more content than a single image. The right narrative and engaging content is the key to gaining users’ attention. Facebook Ads in the form of video has some limitations, mainly regarding file size and video length.


Facebook Carousel Ads allow you to promote multiple offers within a single Facebook ad. Facebook Ads in carousel form show 2 to 10 product cards, and viewers can move them left or right. This Facebook ad format works great when you want to showcase a collection of thematically related products.

Facebook advertising in the form of collections

Facebook Ads in collection format are displayed on mobile devices. Facebook ads of this type contain one main image or video, when clicked on, the user sees both product images and their prices. If you don’t know which Facebook Ad format will work best for you, be sure to get back to us and entrust our specialists to create a professional Facebook Ads campaign.

Facebook Ads campaigns vs. defining the target audience

In Facebook Ads campaigns, it is very important to precisely define the target audience, i.e. the audience you want your Facebook ad to reach. The key parameters are gender, age, interests or location. Based on these and many other elements, indicated during the creation of a Facebook Ads campaign, the site’s algorithms display content to selected users.

How much does a professional Facebook Ads campaign cost?

It is impossible to say definitively how much a Facebook advertising campaign will cost. However, it is worth being aware that the final price is affected by two main elements. The first is the cost of handling the campaign, i.e. the work of our experts, and the second is the finances allocated for Facebook ads.

Why invest in Facebook Ads campaigns?

Advertising on Facebook is a chance to reach a wide range of users who scroll through Facebook pages every day in search of interesting information, but that’s not the only benefit of running a Facebook Ads campaign. There are definitely more reasons:

→ precise targeting – ads for your products or services will be displayed to people who are more likely to be interested in them, which results in higher profits;

→ wide choice of formats – thanks to the fact that Facebook ads can be created in various formats, you have the opportunity to test many solutions and create unique, original, engaging and, above all, diverse promotional content;

→ control of spending – it is up to the advertiser to decide how much money to allocate to a Facebook ad campaign;

→ monitoring and control of the effectiveness of Facebook Ads campaigns – at any time you can check whether the recipients are interested in the Facebook ads you have created and keep them updated.

Why should you entrust your Facebook ad campaigns to the experts?

Creating a professional Facebook Ads campaign that will attract the attention of your audience and increase conversions is not the easiest task, and neither is managing Facebook ad groups. If you care about results and want to turn clicks into concrete purchase transactions, then be sure to get back to us. Contentation specialists are well versed in the mechanisms governing Facebook advertising and current trends, so their actions are extremely effective. See for yourself! Get back to us today!