Google Ads

The Internet is like an ocean filled to the brim with offers of products and services. If you do not want to fade into oblivion in a sea of competing proposals, then you should definitely consider investing in professional Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns. Find out why you should entrust the creation of Google Ads to our specialists!

Google Ads – what is it?

Ads that appear in various places on the Internet usually belong to Google campaigns. Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is Google’s advanced advertising system launched in 2000. It allows sponsored content to appear in search results, Google partner sites and Google’s ad network. The goal of any Google Ads campaign on the Google search network is to promote selected services or products online quickly and effectively. A site owner can operate the Google Ads (Adwords) system himself or entrust the running of a Google Ads campaign to specialists.

Where do ads from Google Ads (Adwords) appear?

Google Ads (Adwords) ads are displayed in the following places:

→ above or below Google search results;

→ above, below or next to search results on Google Play, Google Maps on the “Shopping” tab;

→ Google’s advertising network, such as Youtube;

→ in search results on Google partner sites.

On which devices will Google Ads display?

Google Ads will appear in search results not only on desktop devices, but also on mobile devices. Text-based Google Ads will appear on cell phones and tablets, iPhones, while graphic and video ads will appear on advanced mobile devices. When creating a Google Adwords (Ads) campaign, you can choose both the location and the language spoken by the recipients of the advertising message.

Adwords advertising campaign (Ads) in text form

Google Ads text ads are the most popular. You’ll usually see them in the first positions of a search engine. Google Ads have strict character limits. They can only include 3 headlines of up to 30 characters, 2 text boxes of 90 characters and two short tracks of up to 15 characters. For many people, these restrictive limits are often insurmountable. But not for experienced Contentation specialists. We know exactly how to make optimal use of this space to create effective and attractive Google Ads.

Google Ads campaigns on YouTube

Google Adwords ads (Ads) can be in video format. This is adapted, of course, to the specifics of the Youtube page. Google Ads can then take various forms. The most popular are short videos, displayed before the actual video. Sometimes you can also come across ads presented to viewers during the video or at the end. It is up to the owner of the Google Ads campaign to decide whether viewers can skip the sponsored content.

Google Ads product campaign

This type of Google campaign is most often chosen by online store owners. Why? Because it’s an excellent way to visually present an offer with an eye-catching photo, an original title and an up-to-date price. Products from Google Ads campaigns are assigned precisely selected and tailored keywords. When customers browse offers in the “Shopping” tab and type in a key phrase, then they will see sponsored content on the right side or above the organic results. This form of Google Ads guarantees high click-through rates.

Adwords campaigns on Gmail

As the name suggests, Google Ads (Adwords) from this category go to the electronic mailboxes of its users. Thanks to the options available in Gmail, they do not mix with other emails, but instead go to a special Offers tab. This not only guarantees order, but also allows advertising content to stand out.

Forms of payment for Google ads

Google Ads are paid advertisements. Site owners can choose from several available campaign billing methods. The options available in the Google Ads system are:

→ PPC/CPC (Pay/Cost Per Click) – this is payment per click. However, this price is not fixed, but is subject to bidding and depends on the selected keyword. The more popular the phrase, the greater the chance that someone will find the ad and click on it. At the same time, however, the cost per click of a Google ad increases;

→ CPV (Cost Per View) – this billing model applies to sponsored content from Google Ads campaigns on YouTube. The cost is charged when the user views the entire short ad or when they see a minimum of half a minute of the longer one;

→ CPA (Cost Per Action) – the fee is charged only when the recipient performs a specific action. Most often it is downloading a newsletter, buying a product or adding it to a shopping cart;

→ CPM (Cost Per Mille) – this method of payment usually applies to image-based advertising content and includes a fee per thousand impressions of at least 50% of the ad content for at least 1 second;

→ ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) – a return fee of the effort spent on advertising, the amount of which is determined by the Adwords algorithm.

What are the different stages of an Ads campaign?

Operating the Google Ads system is not complicated. When creating an ad campaign, you can use clear and very helpful guidance from Google. Does this guarantee success? If you do not have the knowledge and feel for the subject, it is definitely better to entrust this task to specialists. Thanks to our experience, we know how to go through the steps and create an effective and professional Google Ads (Adwords) campaign.

Why is it better to entrust SEO on Google to professionals?

There are many reasons why it is better to trust professionals and entrust them with website positioning. People who are not specialists most often do not know where to start, so their actions become chaotic and ill-considered. What’s more, lack of access to paid tools makes it impossible to fully act on reliable data. Many people also don’t know where to post links, which sometimes leads to ending up on so-called link exchange systems. Portals of this type have no merit, as they are only concerned with gathering links to other sites. What could be the consequences?

The low popularity of the site and its inferior position can result from penalties imposed due to unprofessional positioning of the site. The most common here is a manual or algorithmic filter, which works automatically. Penalties reduce the visibility of a site by filtering it through search engine bots. A more severe penalty is a ban, resulting in the complete removal of the site from the search engine. It can be extremely difficult to return to the lost position. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the task of website positioning to our experienced specialists from the beginning.

Step 1 Identify the goal of the campaign

At the beginning, Contentation specialists analyze the data and indicate the goal of the Google advertising campaign. This can be, for example, to increase traffic to the site, to induce a purchase or simply to attract interest in a specific advertising content.


Stage 2 Identify the area of promotion

At this stage we precisely define the location. Depending on the industry, business profile and specifics, we indicate a local or global promotion area.


Stage 3 Create a description of the product or service

Language competence is essential to create a clear, convincing and attractive description. Our specialists are able to make optimal use of the limited number of characters and convey an appropriate advertising message to the audience. We also know from experience when a creative, catchy advertising slogan will work, and when it is better to use a simple, clear, yet engaging wording that is within the limit.


Step 4 Determine the budget of the Google Ads campaign

The final step is to determine the amount you want to spend on Google Ads. You can change it at any time – increase, decrease or even cancel it completely.

Additional features of the Google Ads campaign include the choice of the aforementioned forms of promotion and how you want to be billed. Our experts are well versed in all the details and will be happy to help you create a professional Google campaign.

Is it worth investing in paid Google Ads campaigns?

Wondering if it makes sense to pay for Google Ads when there are many free forms of promotion? From our experience, we know that this investment is worthwhile! Google Ads campaigns allow precise targeting, which in practice means that they reach audiences interested in a specific service or product. This, in turn, translates into conversions. Remember also that Google is the most popular search engine in the world!

SEO positioning – the scope of the experts’ activities

Our SEO experts conduct a comprehensive audit of the entire site. It allows a detailed diagnosis of possible problems, the elimination of which is an absolute must. In addition to the portal itself, we carefully analyze all external links. We remove the links that contribute nothing, which, instead of helping, most often harm.

Google campaigns – advantages and benefits

Google Ads in most cases guarantee quick results. Greater sales are, of course, the biggest benefit, but not the only one. Deciding on this form of promotion, you can also count on building brand awareness on the Internet, reaching new, precisely defined audience groups.

The advantage of the Google Ads system is the easy management and constant control over advertising accounts. It is up to you to decide how much you will spend on your Google campaign, as well as what it will look like. You can choose the keywords yourself and create attractive sales content. However, if you lack experience and knowledge in running professional Google ad campaigns, then feel free to enlist the help of Contentation’s experienced professionals!

Why is it better to entrust the running of Google Ads campaigns to experts?

Running Google Ads campaigns requires not only knowledge, knowledge of current trends, but also time. Constantly monitor the progress. You need to remember to regularly update your store’s offerings and add new content. Our experts know the specifics of the market and the needs of customers, which guarantees the creation of persuasive Google Ads that will reach precisely defined audiences. What’s more, they keep a close eye on ongoing campaigns all the time to optimize the budget and ensure the best possible results.

Google Ads are an extremely effective form of promotion. With the help of Contentation’s experts, your profits can be even greater, so don’t wait and get back to us to create an effective Google Ads campaign as soon as possible!