Positioning of the online store

In the case of online stores, their search engine position plays a huge role – the higher it is, the greater the chance that a customer will visit the site and make a purchase. At Contentation, we know how to optimize an e-store to increase its visibility and gain valuable traffic!

The popularity of the e-commerce industry is steadily growing, and with it, competition is also increasing. How to gain an edge and become a leading player in the e-commerce market? We know! Why should you entrust the positioning of your online store to our specialists? We know the answer to this question, too, and we are happy to share it!

What is e-commerce positioning?

Positioning a store is a complex process that requires experience, knowledge of analytics, SEO and content marketing. Building a good strategy and effective optimization of the online store is the foundation. Thoughtful actions will allow you to reach your audience and, most importantly, achieve long-term results.

How to position an online store? SEO in e-commerce

Just like in everyday life, nothing comes alone in e-commerce. It is not enough to build a website and wait for customers – you need to get them yourself or entrust this task to Contentation specialists!

In our work, we rely on proven techniques for e-commerce positioning. We know what tools to use to increase traffic to your online store, gain high positions in search results and optimize your content so that it is attractive to both users and Google robots.

Reduce page load time

Slow-loading sites are a nuisance to customers and can effectively discourage them from visiting an online store. But that’s not all. The speed at which a site loads in a browser is one of the   factors that search engine algorithms take into account. They give preference to short-loading sites rewarding them  with first positions in search results. Our experts verify what factors slow down your site and implement optimization measures to improve your site’s loading speed.

Create high-quality, original content

Copying someone else’s content, verbosity, and failing to comply with search engine requirements can easily lead to trouble. At Contentation, we follow the principle of content is the king, so the content we provide is unique, valuable and, of course, properly optimized for SEO. Your content will be appreciated by both viewers and Google robots.

Proper use of keywords

Proper selection of keywords and then properly deploying them can  be troublesome. But not to our specialists. When creating content, we rely on data from paid tools, and with the knowledge we have gained, we deliver e-commerce content that looks natural, is easy to read, and at the same time optimized for SEO.

Proper internal and external linking

Links are the foundation of your store. What does this mean in practice? The key to greater visibility is to appear in many places on the web. This is served, for example, by sponsored articles on reputable portals. At Contentation, we carefully select publication venues, and focus on linking within the site itself. We know that such activities greatly affect visibility, which in turn translates into e-commerce conversions.

How to give your store the right look for SEO?

When optimizing and positioning online stores, we also look at factors that directly affect the popularity of the site, such as:

→ the platform – which one you choose will determine the ability to add more features, the speed at which the site loads, or the configuration options for selected elements. In some cases, we suggest changing the server, which can significantly improve visibility;

→ site structure and navigation – a good online store site should immediately show the customer where to go. Navigating through categories and getting to products should be as easy as counting to three. Intuitiveness is one of the most important elements we pay attention to;

→ subcategories – this element definitely simplifies navigation, a clear division into products from given groups speeds up finding the desired thing, while giving the opportunity to discover novelties. We try to introduce clear division wherever possible;

→ proper encryption – secure connection establishment allows, among other things, to make transactions, which in the case of the e-commerce industry plays an extremely important role. E-stores with proper encryption are definitely more trusted. We always pay attention to data security when streamlining the site.

Online store – optimization and its benefits

You probably know from your own experience that search results from the first page are the most visited. Implementation of online store SEO principles by our professionals will help increase the popularity of your site. A good reputation achieved through, among other things, properly optimized content and high-quality services translates into greater popularity – the more regular customers use your services, the more likely you are to attract new ones. You also gain a name as an expert in your field, inspire trust and build a positive image.

Online store positioning – price list and cost differences

Each store differs not only in size, but also in profile, industry or scale of the venture. All these elements affect the final price of a professional SEO service, so we always price it individually. Here it is not worth trusting platforms that set very low rates in advance. Their actions are usually cursory and if they improve the position of the store at all, it is usually short-lived. We care not only about noticeable, but also long-term effects.

Proper positioning of an online store is a proven recipe for success. It allows you to win the sympathy of customers and increase the popularity of your site. With the help of our specialists, getting good results will be easier. So don’t wait and contact us now!