Social Media Support

Handling social media is a task that requires a well-thought-out strategy. Only knowledge combined with experience will allow you to gain engaged followers and turn observers into customers. Find out why you should entrust the professional management of your fanpage, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or LinkedIn accounts to our specialists!

Many people spend several hours a day on social networks, so it’s no surprise that more and more companies are including social media marketing in their activities. Promotion through social media channels can take many forms. Facebook fan pages and profiles on Instagram are the most popular. Sometimes the management of social media accounts is to enhance, to complement other forms of advertising, and sometimes it is the main element of activities. In order to be able to smoothly navigate the nooks and crannies of the Internet, it’s worth knowing what social media is and why you should outsource social media management to Contentation specialists!

Social media – what is it basically?

The definition of social media includes all social networks that allow you to publish content (usually in the form of posts or photos) and dialogue and interact with other users. Social media usually brings together users with similar passions. Social media marketing is not just the domain of big brands. Today, handling social media is a necessity, even for those brands that are just taking their first steps in the market.

What does social media marketing consist of?

From the above description, it may seem that social media channels are primarily used to build and maintain relationships with friends. Wondering where there is a place here for social media agency activities and brand promotion? The answer is very simple! On company accounts, which are just as popular as private profiles of social media users!

Unfortunately, it is not enough to set up an account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to gain a trusted audience. It is necessary to develop a well-thought-out strategy, using a variety of social media tools and constant, regular contact with users. This task requires time of knowledge, which is why brands most often entrust the management of social media profiles to professional social media agencies.

What does social media marketing look like for each site?

Each social media site has its own distinctive features. Proper handling of social media requires knowledge of their peculiarities, as well as a carefully developed strategy. Here it is important to precisely define the target audience, follow current trends in e-marketing and regularly add content. Unprofessional, haphazard actions may not only fail to bring the expected results, but may discourage potential users from visiting a brand’s profile. Contentation specialists have experience in managing social media profiles, which, thanks to our efforts, become powerful online promotion tools.

Facebook support and the specifics of the portal

According to the latest data, this well-known service is used by as many as 1,929 billion people! Running a fanpage is therefore almost a necessity these days! The professional operation of Facebook includes, first of all, the regular publication of posts – it is worth noting here that this term includes writing text, as well as creating appropriate graphics, interacting with the audience and promoting the fanpage. Without experience, a set schedule and monitoring of trends, it is very difficult to achieve success on your own.

Running Instagram

Operating Instagram includes not only posts in the so-called newsfeed, but also Insta Stories which is featured content, shown in a slideshow format with the most important information. Although Instagram operates mainly with images, it is equally important to describe the graphics properly. The quality of both of these elements is taken care of by experts from our company!

Managing your Twitter profile

A characteristic feature of Twitter is very short posts (containing a maximum of 280 characters). To operate this social media channel, it is essential to be able to convey thoughts concisely. Real-time marketing is also particularly important on Twitter, responding to current events.

LinkedIn profile

An account on LinkedIn should be taken care of by any brand that cares about the opinion of an expert in its field, as well as establishing and building business relationships. LinkedIn is also a platform that makes it easy to find qualified employees, contractors and business partners. The benefits of maintaining a profile on LinkedIn are enormous, so it is worth including this service in your advertising efforts.

Youtube account

Youtube is a powerhouse. Google reports that 500 hours of video content are published on Youtube every minute. Social media marketing of this type should primarily focus on building a consistent image and publishing information with an advertising message woven into it skillfully and unobtrusively, in an accessible way. This will be gladly taken care of by our experts!

Professional social media service – benefits

Many people think that handling social media on your own is a simple task, and on top of that it does not generate additional costs. As we have already mentioned, just setting up accounts and publishing content on individual profiles from time to time is not enough to stand out from the huge competition. To take full advantage of the potential of social media, it is worth enlisting the help of a social media, SEO and content marketing agency. The combination of knowledge and experience in these fields guarantees results. Our specialists will take care of the highest quality content, professional brand image, as well as gaining a group of engaged users and maintaining long-term relationships with them.

Running social media – pricing

Handling social media is a series of advanced marketing activities that vary from one site to another. The price of running and managing profiles on FB, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn will be influenced by many factors, such as:

→ time spent on creating a communication strategy and defining the target audience;

→ the number of posts per week/month;

→ type of content: videos, testimonials, photos, graphics;

→ types of advertising campaigns and budget allocated to promote posts and increase reach;

→ industry;

→ the language of communication

If you want to establish an online presence, build an image as an expert in your field, reach new audiences and maintain a good relationship with them, it’s essential to include social media marketing activities in your company’s promotion strategy. Managing social media profiles can overwhelm even the most avid fan of new technologies, so it is safest to entrust their management to our specialists. Get back to us for details and a scope of activities and price list for social media maintenance!