Website positioning

How can SEO make your site appear among the first search results for a given phrase? What does the process involve, and why is it so important to entrust it to specialists?

Positioning is an essential part of online marketing, making it easier for domain owners to reach a wider range of customers. The whole process consists of many activities that can be done on your own. However, incompetent work can even worsen the visibility of the entire site. For this reason, it is worth entrusting promotion to Contentation specialists! Our experience, knowledge and practice are the key to greater visibility in organic search results!

What is website positioning?

Website positioning is defined as a set of activities that help your site rank as high as possible for specific keywords. Why is it so important? Let us explain!

Surely you use a search engine every day and choose one of the results that appear on the first page. And there is nothing surprising about that. This is what the vast majority of users do! Thanks to the fact that a given piece of content appears at the very beginning, there are high chances that a customer will visit your site specifically. The traffic generated in this way also translates into an increase in position, so the whole thing is a mutual, self-perpetuating process.

What is responsible for SEO?

Sophisticated algorithms are responsible for determining the position, or SEO, of sites on Google, which are built specifically to filter the highest quality content. Based on certain rules, they determine the ranking of sites depending on how well they meet the criteria. If a user types a phrase into the search box, the bots find all portals containing the words and show them to the viewer in a strict order. Our experts have been following all changes in the algorithms for years and adjust the activities strictly according to the current requirements. As a result, the strategy planned by us is effective and allows to increase traffic to the site. This translates into conversions, which is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Who is the search engine positioning service aimed at?

Anyone who cares about the best possible visibility for their site should take an interest in SEO. Competition is really big, so in order to stand out and make your site appear in the highest possible positions, you need a well-thought-out positioning strategy, planned with advanced tools. It should include some of the most important elements listed below.

What makes up effective SEO?

Our experts focus on proven methods to increase site visibility. However, we do not follow patterns. We know from experience that each site has unique characteristics and requires a customized approach.

Relevant key phrases

Key phrases are the words that recipients type into the search box to find the information they need. In order for a text to be found in the ocean of content, it must contain those sets that users search for most often. We check the popularity of given keywords using paid tools that provide precise data and statistics. At the same time, you don’t have to be afraid of exaggeration or artificial matching of phrases without order and composition. So-called keyword stuffing, i.e. the practice of weaving in more words by force, is something our experts avoid.


Plagiarism is an offense punishable not only by law, but also by Google’s algorithms. This is because they are able to find the same content and, based on the date the text was added, determine which one is original. Although there are exceptions to this as well, and sometimes the innocent can be punished by lowering the position of the site. How to avoid this? Rely on us! We will check whether the content on your site is unique, and if we detect duplication… we will help you get rid of it! Effectively!

Page load time

No one likes to wait. And certainly not a person who wants to find the answer to a question quickly. Slow-loading pages not only cause impatience, but also discourage people from visiting the site. We don’t like it either, which is why we do our best to make sure that the content shows up instantly to users.


Specific bots check how a website performs on smartphones or tablets. Nowadays, these devices are used far more often than a desktop computer, so a site without content tailored to a smaller screen will necessarily be less valuable to users and… Google’s algorithm. And the latter, as you know, can be very principled and restrictive about responsiveness. We are well aware of this, too, which is why optimization for mobile hardware is one of the key elements of Contentation specialists’ activities.

Proper external linking

To make a name for yourself, you need to appear in many places. Placing links to your site on other sites, such as through sponsored articles, increases the chance of your audience reaching your portal. Even more importantly, search engine algorithms see the numerous links, thus scoring the site further. Our experts carefully and diligently verify where the existing hyperlinks are and add them in the right places.

Why is it better to entrust SEO on Google to professionals?

There are many reasons why it is better to trust professionals and entrust them with website positioning. People who are not specialists most often do not know where to start, so their actions become chaotic and ill-considered. What’s more, lack of access to paid tools makes it impossible to fully act on reliable data. Many people also do not know where to post links, which sometimes leads to ending up on so-called link exchange systems. Portals of this type have no substantive value, as they are only concerned with gathering links to other sites. What could be the consequences?

The low popularity of the site and its inferior position can result from penalties imposed due to unprofessional positioning of the site. The most common here is a manual or algorithmic filter, which works automatically. Penalties reduce the visibility of a site by filtering it through search engine bots. A more severe penalty is a ban, resulting in the complete removal of the site from the search engine. It can be extremely difficult to return to the lost position. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the task of website positioning to our experienced specialists from the beginning.

What SEO activities are particularly severely penalized by Google’s algorithm?

Such actions include duplicate content or linking on inappropriate pages, but also unnatural, exaggerated insertion of key phrases or misrepresentation of page content. It’s also not worth generating content automatically using special tools. They present themselves unnaturally, which both users and Google bots will judge negatively. Some of this type of Black Hat SEO is intentional, but some may simply be due to lack of knowledge. For this reason, it is worth trusting our specialists, who, although they like to test a variety of solutions, base their actions exclusively on White Hat SEO, i.e. principles in accordance with Google guidelines.

Benefits of SEO done by professionals

Professional SEO builds the popularity of the website and thus increases profits. Our specialists use the highest quality tools to help with positioning, in addition to staying up to date with trends. This knowledge allows us to respond to the actual needs of the audience, which translates into greater popularity of the content created. Using the services of our company, you are guaranteed the complete legality of the methods used.

SEO positioning – the scope of the experts’ activities

Our SEO experts conduct a comprehensive audit of the entire site. It allows a detailed diagnosis of possible problems, the elimination of which is an absolute must. In addition to the portal itself, we carefully analyze all external links. We remove the links that contribute nothing, which, instead of helping, most often harm.

What does effective SEO look like in local and national markets?

Did you know that the positioning strategy for nationwide and local businesses should be different? Why is this so important? Let’s consider the example of shoemaking services. If you live in the Tri-City and your favorite shoes have ripped, you won’t be looking for a cobbler in the Warsaw area, but in Pomerania. The situation also works the other way around. If you run an online store for household chemicals near Rzeszow and have the ability to ship goods, what’s stopping a person from Szczecin from noticing your site? Using the help of our specialists, you can be sure that your offer will reach that right, well-defined target group.

Website positioning – areas analyzed

Figuring out who the target audience is, the target of the chosen website, is a stage of SEO planning that our specialists will analyze in detail. We help you reach your target audience by researching and monitoring their preferences and using data about their location. Based on this information, we determine what content is most likely to be popular.

What is the cost of positioning a website by professionals?

It is not possible to determine unequivocally how much a website positioning will cost. The price depends, among other things, on the nature of the actions taken or how much time will be spent on implementing the strategy of action. This is because in the case of some sites, only minor cosmetic corrections are needed, while others require extensive changes. The cost of SEO also depends on whether the cooperation is one-time or long-term

Individual pricing of positioning depending on customer needs

When looking for an agency that deals with website positioning, you have probably more than once come across tempting offers to find yourself in the top positions in search results in a short period of time. The price is usually as enticing as the offer. In reality, it may turn out that you will pay for temporary success obtained through dishonest, forbidden practices, the so-called Black Hat SEO, and then you will receive a bill and… a penalty from Google! Don’t be fooled and talk to the specialists. We do not promise pie in the sky. We individually price each website positioning service. If you want to find out what costs and results you can expect, be sure to contact us!

Website positioning – a long-term investment

Website positioning is a rather delicate and careful process. Improper use of available free tools and entrusting SEO to the wrong people is counterproductive and can even get your site banned. Risks often pay off, but not in this particular case.

Have we managed to convince you to use our services? If so, don’t wait and contact us so we can take care of your website’s positioning as soon as possible!