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The leading brands in the SEO industry have tried, tested, and approved our professional solutions in the field of link building.

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Discover our vast database of websites from Poland and other countries worldwide

There are currently more than 20,000 websites on our platform with a variety of topics and coverage. From local, to national and global sites – we have you covered. Some of them are sites you might not find elsewhere. Our database is updated with new sites on a regular basis, i.e., on average we add 2500 new portals every month. This ensures that there is something for each and everyone – regardless of the topic or country of publication.

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Enjoy the convenience of instant publication

At Contentation, we understand that time is key in the realm of SEO. If you urgently need links for yourself or your clients, you are in the right spot. We have a database of more than 1,100 sites owned by ourselves, where we guarantee immediate publication. This means that your article will go online right after you order it!

Use advanced filters

We believe that true value lies in numbers – what matters to us is reliable SEO data from the best tools on the market. By providing up-to-date performance metrics, we provide reliable information about site visibility. In addition, we manually categorize and update all domains.

This allows you to filter results on the platform by category, country, and metrics such as Domain Rating (DR), number of unique users (UU) or price. Our advanced search engine will enable you to find the perfect publication venue for your links in no time


Choose personalized SEO consulting

Not sure how and where to start? Perhaps you are in need of a tailor-made solution? As a team of SEO specialists, we offer not only our link building platform, but also personalized consulting. Whether you require a customized strategy or link suggestions, we are ready to prepare a solution tailored to your budget and needs. Book a consultation and tell us about your SEO needs

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Start earning with our affiliate program

We are committed to making you feel a part of our Contentation community. For this reason, we have created an affiliate program for our partners, within which you shall gain 5% commission for each top up carried out by the people you invited to use our platform. Make the most of Contentation’s power and generate profits together with us!

Publish content quickly and conveniently

Our platform focuses on link building, which makes it intuitive and user-friendly. The interface is designed so that beginners can use it effortlessly as well. Order sponsored articles in 3 simple steps:

Prepare the content of your article

You can provide your own article or have it written by our highly experienced copywriters.

Select a site

Browse through our large database through a variety of filters and choose the most suitable offer for yourself.

Request publication

Once your order is paid, we immediately submit it to the publisher. We ensure that your article is published on time.

Publish your first article!

See how Contentation’s platform helps different audiences:

gain access to new publication sites and the possibility to publish links in a flash. This allows them to effectively develop link structures for their respective clients.

benefit from a broad base of domains from various categories and international markets, as well as from the ability to place customized orders.

can access a wide range of website categories to tailor linking to a specific target audience.

thanks to an intuitive interface, they can move quickly and conveniently through the process of ordering relevant links.

gain access to links at affordable prices, enabling companies to build a strong online presence without straining their budgets excessively.

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