Content Marketing​

Do you run a business on the Internet? Do you want to increase website traffic and gain customers’ trust? Do you want to be viewed as an expert in your field? If you answered yes to the above questions, be sure to focus on content marketing!

The slogan content is the king has become a permanent fixture in the world of marketing. And there is nothing surprising in it, after all, high-quality content is the basis of every e-business. Well-chosen words have enormous power. They can not only make the recipient interested in reading, but also encourage them to take specific action. It can be both subscribing to the newsletter and purchasing a product or service on your website. Are you wondering how to turn words into numbers, which is real profit? Contentation specialists are aware of the enormous power hidden in content marketing and will be happy to share their experience and knowledge!

What is content marketing?

The main goal of any marketing strategy is to favorably present a service or product, which is expected to translate into effective sales. In content marketing, the greatest emphasis is placed on content. According to the aforementioned idea of content is the king, the text is supposed to intrigue the recipient, engage him and encourage him to take advantage of the offer. When developing a content marketing strategy, our specialists aim to establish contact with the recipient, to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with him/her through properly optimized content.

What features should content marketing have?

In order for the content marketing strategy we develop to be successful, we place great emphasis on several key points. We strive to ensure that each piece of content is:

→ original – providing unique content created from scratch by specialized Copywriters is the basis of our work;

→ factual – there is no room for fluff in our content, or for twisting the facts to mislead the reader;

→ tailored to the audience – accurate and precise definition of the target group is essential for the content to reach people who will be potentially interested in specific services or products;

→ accessible, clear – we make sure that the content is written in clear and simple language, fully understandable to the recipient.

The most common forms of content marketing

There is no one-size-fits-all way to create content. This is because the essence of content marketing is to match the method to the channel of information delivery. A different form of content marketing will work for blogs, another for industry websites, and another for online stores. There are several basic types of content.

Articles, interviews, descriptions – the power of the written word

Written materials such as how-to guides, blog or sponsored articles, interviews, reviews or case studies are the basis of content marketing. In online stores, on the other hand, product and category descriptions play a huge role.

Graphic content, a convenient way to convey information

Images have been accompanying humans since prehistoric times (after all, everyone has heard of cave paintings, such as those at Lascaux or Altamira), and it’s amazing that they still play such an important role in our lives. Infographics are the type of content that allows you to explain even the most complex issues in an accessible way, and images, for example, in presentations, allow you to better illustrate a topic. A good and very popular tool, moreover, are… memes! This humorous form allows you to break down a certain barrier between the creator and the recipient and allows you to easily establish contact.

Effectiveness of video content

Video content often works in a similar way to infographics – an appropriate narrative combined with images makes even very complex topics easier to understand. This form of content marketing is increasingly popular.

A little about audio content

Content intended for listening can take the form of podcasts, courses or webinars.

Regardless of the form of content marketing chosen, the content delivered always represents the highest quality. This is because we know that only such content can ensure high search engine ranking.

Content marketing and SEO are a harmonious duo!

Content marketing and SEO are aligned… like a team of Contentation specialists! If you care about high search engine positions, it is essential to entrust your content marketing activities to experienced professionals. Investing in professional content marketing not only ensures that you get top-quality texts, but also gives a clear sign to Google robots that your site is worth promoting. Regularly creating and publishing unique and properly SEO-optimized texts is fundamental to building your site’s visibility.

What do you gain by investing in content marketing?

By investing in the unique combination that is SEO and content marketing, you can expect:

→ an engaged audience – with a well-thought-out content marketing strategy, your site’s reputation grows, and with it the number of active users increases. This translates into more interest in your products and services, resulting in increased sales;

→ more traffic to your site – a higher search engine ranking guarantees greater visibility and more frequent visits;

→ wider reach of your business – if you want to go beyond the local market with your services, bet on high-quality content, through which you can reach a larger audience potentially interested in your services or products.

What should a good content marketing strategy look like?

Our specialists know very well that regularity matters in content marketing activities. We make sure that fresh and engaging content constantly appears on the website. We also carefully select the channels on which we publish content and focus on the ones that bring the most profit.

Content marketing – agency or do it yourself?

Developing a professional content marketing strategy and creating properly SEO-optimized content requires knowledge, experience and… time. If you lack it, and moreover, if you care about high quality and cooperation with real specialists in content marketing and SEO, then be sure to get back to us. The content we provide will be appreciated by both readers and search engine robots!

Content marketing – a long-term investment

Building a positive image and trust with your audience takes time. However, the results are worth waiting for, especially if you entrust content marketing activities to our specialists. Be sure to get back to us to fill your site with high-quality, properly optimized texts and turn words into real profit as soon as possible!