When you’re writing an essay, one of the most important things to know is how many pages it will be. This way, you can plan your essay out and make sure that it’s the appropriate word count. How many pages is 800 words? We’ll tell you the estimates!

How Many Pages Is 800 Words Single-Spaced?

First, how many pages is 800 words if you’re writing single-spaced? This is going to be the more common case, unless your teacher requires more white space. The general rule of thumb is that 500 words is 1 page with single spacing. This means that 800 words will be about 1⅗ pages. The assumption is that you’re writing with a 12 point font like Arial.

An 800 Word Essay Is How Many Pages Double Spaced?

If you need to write a college essay in 800 words, it will take up around 3 pages – more exactly, 3⅕ pages – double-spaced. This may seem like a lot, but remember that you’re also going to have a lot of white space on the page. This will give you room to breathe and make your essay more readable.

The Font Size, Style and Margins Matter

Besides white space, other things that will affect the answer to the question “How many pages is 800 words?” are the font size and style. If you’re using a larger font, it will obviously take up more space. The same goes for margins – if you have wider margins, the same word count will take up more pages.

500 Word, 850 Word, and 1000 Word Essays – How Many Pages?

If you’re interested in the page count for other numbers of words, here are some quick estimates. 500 words is approximately 1 page (or 2 pages double spaced). 750 words will be 1.5 times that. 850 words is between 1.5 and 2 pages single-spaced. 1000 words is approximately 2 pages (or 4 pages double-spaced).

Converting a Word Count Into Pages Yourself

How many pages is 800 words, exactly? The best way to know how many pages your essay will take up is to copy a text with a similar length and paste it in your Word document. Once you have the text and have verified its length with a word counter, change the font size and spacing until it meets your teacher’s requirements.