How many words is 3 pages? Whether you’re a student writing a 3-page assignment for school or a writer curious about how many words 3 standardized pages are, we’ve got you covered. We’ll give you the averages and tell you how to check it down to the word.

How Many Words Is 3 Pages on Average in Regular Fonts?

The first question is, how many words is 3 pages in general? Let’s assume you’re writing in 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font with standard margins. As a general rule of thumb, a single spaced page of 12 point text contains about 500 words. There are 1500 words per 3 pages in a typical document.

This number is only an average, though. If you’re writing for a publication with specific guidelines, those will override any generalizations. Read on for more details.

Single-Spaced vs. Double-Spaced – Formatting and Word Count

The average number of words on a page varies depending on the font type, font size, spacing, margins, and how long each word is. Double spacing decreases the word count per page by half, approximately. How many words is 3 pages, then? A double-spaced 3-page essay in 12 point font would have about 750 words – approximately 250 words per page. That’s the same as 1.5 page single spaced.

Formatting also plays a role. For example, if you’re writing for a publication that uses a large font size or wide margins, you’ll end up with fewer words per page. Conversely, a small font or tight margins will increase the number of words per page.

Calculating Words per Page From Page Count

If you have already written 3 pages of text and want to know how many words that is, you can easily count the number of words with an online word counter. Then, you can divide that by 3 to calculate the average number of words per page. If you’re writing in Google Docs, you can also select the text on one page and check its word count using the “Tools” menu.

What if you haven’t written anything yet and want to know how many words 3 pages will be? In that case, you can use the averages we discussed earlier to calculate how many words will fit on each page. It’s easy to convert them to 2 pages, 4 pages, 8 pages, and other numbers.

Alternatively, you can copy a random text from the Internet and paste it into your document. Once you’ve adjusted the formatting to your requirements, you can see how many words of that text fit onto one page. Online word counters will help you with this. And if you’re curious how many words are four pages or any other number, check out our other articles.

Handwritten Essay or Paper Pages to Word Count

How many words is 3 pages if you’re writing by hand? The number of words on a handwritten page depends on how big you write and how much space you leave between lines. In general, though, you can estimate about 200 words per handwritten A4 page. This means a three-page essay would have approximately 600 words. With double spacing, you’d have about 300 words.

To check for sure, you can write a few lines of text and average the number of words per line. Then, multiply the result by the number of lines that fit on a page.