Is link bait considered to be a bad thing like clickbait? It depends on how you do it. There are many examples of successful link baits, such as opinion pieces on controversial topics. If you’d like to try this strategy of getting backlinks to your website, keep reading!

What Is (and What Isn’t) Link Bait?

A link bait is any content that’s created with the specific goal of acquiring links. This could be an infographic, blog post, video, or anything else that might be link-worthy. It’s usually high-quality content that’s interesting and useful to your audience – it works for its own links, without you having to heavily promote it.

The key distinction between that and a clickbait is that link bait is link-focused content, whereas clickbait is designed to get clicks without necessarily being worthy of a link. For example, a link bait might be an in-depth blog post on a hot topic in your industry, whereas a clickbait would be a sensationalized headline like “You Won’t Believe What This Person Did!”

Another thing that isn’t link bait is an article that you publish without the intention of link building. For example, if you create a guest post for another website and don’t link back to your own site, that’s not link bait – it’s just a regular old article.

What Are the Benefits of Using Link Bait?

There are several reasons you might want to use link bait on your website:

Well-crafted link bait can improve your reputation and credibility. It won’t always be easy to come up with link bait ideas that work, but it can be worth the effort! Just make sure you’re not misleading people with your headlines or promises of what the content will be.

Examples of Good Link Bait Content

Now that you know a little bit more about link bait, let’s take a look at some examples of link bait content:

These are just a few ideas to get you started – there are many other possibilities! The important thing is to create something that’s high-quality and interesting, and that will be link-worthy.

How to Create Link Bait That Will Make Your Website Blow Up

Now that you know what link bait is and why you might want to use it, let’s talk about how to create link bait that actually works. It should appeal to your target audience, be shareable and link-worthy, and offer something new or unique. It could be designed to spark certain emotions, such as anger or happiness.

To get started, brainstorm some ideas for link bait content that would be a good fit for your website. Once you have a few ideas, it’s time to start creating! Here are a few tips:

By following these tips, you can create link bait that’s likely to be a success! Just remember to be patient – it can take some time for your content to start working its magic. And it’s never guaranteed to be a viral hit, no matter how good it is. Keep trying new things and see what works for you.