YouTube SEO

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Search engine optimization of content is an important part of your marketing strategy. Did you know that it can also be used on other portals? YouTube SEO is an important part of image building. Find out why you should entrust it to the experts at Contentation.

Google – that is, the owner of YouTube – reported that as many as 500 hours of new content appeared on the portal every minute in 2019. So you can see that the competition is really high. To break out among so much different content is not an easy task, so it is best to carefully plan and optimize your campaign. YouTube SEO can consist of many activities, from which you should choose the ones that guarantee the best possible position. What strategies do our specialists use? Find out by reading our listing!

What is YouTube SEO all about?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a series of activities designed to improve the position of a given search engine position. In most cases, it refers to Google, sometimes to other sites, such as Bing or local equivalents specific to different countries (for example, Czech Seznam). However, the term can also refer to other sites, such as YouTube. In its context, activities will be based on increasing the popularity of specific videos or channels. In this area, it is worth trusting our experts, who know how to post videos on YouTube and how to effectively optimize and position them according to strict SEO rules.

YouTube SEO – what are the benefits of SEO on YouTube?

Many people associate YouTube with not very serious service or questionable quality content. Promoting your own e-commerce services with videos may seem seem unnecessary on the surface. This is a mistake. Content in the form of video is growing in popularity, and it’s not just about funny entertainment videos. By investing in YouTube SEO, your brand can gain a lot!

Why post videos on YouTube?

Among the most important reasons are:

→ building a positive brand image – with videos you can bridge the gap between you and your audience. A lot depends here, of course, on the form, quality and manner of content delivery. As long as your YouTube channel is well-run, it definitely translates into a positive perception of your company by potential customers, and thus increases the likelihood that they will choose your services;

→ valuable external linking – one of the most important elements of building an SEO strategy is external linking, i.e. posting links to your site on other portals. Search engine algorithms pay attention to this factor, singling out those with as many valuable references as possible. Posting properly SEO-optimized videos on YouTube gives you a great deal of leverage in this regard;

→ the opportunity to promote services to new audiences – many people spend up to several hours a day on YouTube. By posting properly prepared and SEO-optimized videos on YouTube, you can appear among the items offered to the audience. This allows a wide range of YouTube users to learn about your brand and decide to use your services or purchase your products;

→ an additional channel of promotion – creating, optimizing and positioning YouTube videos is an additional way to present your services or products to your audience and generate more traffic to your website. You increase the likelihood that someone will recognize your brand and become interested in its services or products;

→ presenting content in an accessible form for your audience – some audiences prefer content provided in written form, while others choose YouTubes videos, which are simpler to view.

SEO video –what should a good video be like?

According to strict video SEO rules, content must be original, not copies of similar videos or copyright violations. This is met with resentment from viewers and can be penalized by search engine algorithms. The material should also contain appropriately selected channel keywords. Care should also be taken to ensure good video, lighting and sound quality, as even the most interesting subject matter will not make up for basic deficiencies.

YouTube SEO – a few words about thumbnails and video descriptions

One of the most important elements of videos on YouTube are their thumbnails. They, right next to the title, are the first to catch the eye and can effectively encourage or discourage viewing. It is good for the image to reveal some information about the subject matter, to intrigue the viewer. You should also make sure that all thumbnails are kept in the same consistent aesthetic, so that everyone knows that they are dealing with your channel. Great attention should also be paid to the descriptions of the individual materials. In YouTube SEO, choosing the right key phrases is also extremely important.

YouTube SEO and video titles

Each title should include a keyword that best describes the topic. This will allow viewers to quickly search for your video on YouTube, and Google’s algorithm will get a clear signal when to display just your material. YouTube video titles should not be too short, as they will not convey important information, nor should they be too long, as they may then be cut off by the algorithms. It is also worth ensuring that it is catchy (but without cheap click-bait) and encourages people to watch. Constructing good quality titles that comply with YouTube SEO rules is a good idea to outsource to professionals. We know “what clicks” and can choose the right words to significantly increase your reach.

How do keywords affect the positioning of a YouTube channel?

The basis of positioning and optimizing videos on YouTube is to choose the right key phrases. As we mentioned, they should appear in the title, description, as well as in the tags under the video. They should also be included in the information about the entire channel. When a phrase is typed into the search box, viewers can see just your material. Placing specific channel keywords allows them to associate them with the video, and then with its creator. This is important for SEO on YouTube, as it strengthens valuable linking. However, keep in mind that too many key phrases work against you and should be avoided. The selection and placement of the optimal number of keywords on your channel and in your YouTubes videos will be greatly taken care of by our specialists!

Why should you entrust SEO and optimization of YouTube videos to experts?

Our experts continuously monitor YouTube SEO trends. We know how to adapt content to the requirements of search engine algorithms. We also know what content is currently on top and intrigues and engages your audience. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, your YouTube channel and videos have a chance for better visibility and higher rankings in search results right from the start!

You no longer need to worry about how to position your video on YouTube – just trust and entrust this task to Contentation specialists. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to include YouTube SEO in your efforts as soon as possible!